Rooted is a 1 year, 2 event journey that will hopefully disrupt things in our current spiritual walk. Our walks with the Lord can often become stagnant, predictable and even boring. Throughout this journey together, we will seek to encounter the Lord in new and refreshing ways, that change how we approach our relationships with the Lord, and with others.

At Rooted, we believe to know God, we must first experience Him. We will fight to create the space and rest we need in order to encounter our Maker.

So ask we you to come along on this journey with us. We take groups of 20 at a time. And we would love for you to come to Estes Park with us and be a part of our next group.

Currently taking applications through mid October

The Details

Cost:  $150 per person
Where:  The Harbor Spruce, Estes Park CO – Get Directions
When:  December 2019 & December 2020

We will be taking applicants through October 18th.
The payment for this event is $150 per person.

You are responsible for arranging your own travel to Estes Park, CO and arriving at the Harbor Spruce by 6:00pm on December 27th.

Currently taking applications through mid October

“The more time passes, since I went on the Rooted trips, the more I see how instrumental and valuable they were in my walk with Jesus. It is a fellowship like no other and it beckons you to silence in the wilderness; a place so hard to find but so tangibly impactful to all who are willing to immerse themselves into it.”


“Time in Estes was truly special. It was a place to slow down and rest in the presence of Jesus. We live in a world that tells us to “do” and “produce”, but serve a God who constantly modeled the opposite by slipping out of crowds to go to the wilderness and meet with His Father. He understood that being with his Father was the greatest thing that he could do, and this trip helped remind me of that same important truth.”


Currently taking applications through mid October

“I didn’t quite know what to expect going into my first rooted trip and honestly was probably skeptical that it could be much more than a fun little vacation. In that trip God built me a comfortable spot to rest among a loving community when I thought what I had needed was to know more, learn more, and do more. I never had a hint of an idea of what I needed going into each rooted trip, and sometimes I was uncertain how God moved in the time there, but each time I came home after I knew some deep restoration had happened and was happening. A refreshing life filled me and reshaped the way things looked around me.”


“Looking back on my years in Rooted, I see that each time God was teaching me the same thing in a fresh way. He was challenging me to live my life freely and lightly and to find rest within the craziness of a college schedule. He showed me that I could do that with 20 crazy college kids in a mountain cabin and more importantly he showed me that I can also do that by myself in my day to day life. God used Rooted in pivotal years of my life to teach me the importance of community, rest and reflection. Of all the decisions I made in college, choosing to spend my breaks with the Rooted crew were by far the most influential and memorable.”


Currently taking applications through mid October

“As a follower of Christ creating space to connect with God isn’t always as easy as it sounds. During Rooted, I got to experience God intimately. How often do I get to take 3-5 days out my life to just be and exist in community before God, and if I do, how often do I choose to spend my time this way? I will always look back fondly on these trips for the way they created space in my life to connect deeply with God during such a pivotal time in college. Short trips with unimaginable lasting impact.”


Currently taking applications through mid October